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Mini-battery Minitech 2.0 (for trolleys Infinity)

Small, light, this battery will please the greatest number!

Suitable for all Infinity trolleys, regardless of age or trolley model.

Use the mini-battery inserts to convert the current Powerbug battery tray.

A capacity of 27 holes or more will ensure that the Minitech 2.0 Golf Trolley Battery will easily power your golf cart for a round of golf, regardless of the type or conditions of the course.

Its protective nylon cover gives it greater impact resistance.

Technical details :

* Battery for all Infinity / Powerbug electric trolleys

* Composition: Litium-ion

* Size: 130 x 90 x 80 mm

* Weight: <1 kg

* Capacity: 13.2 Ah, autonomy of 27 holes

* Voltage: 14.8 Volts

* Warranty: 1 year (battery and charger)

* Charge time: 6h

* BMS: Sophisticated management system and charge protection between lithium batteries

* Connection: Anderson

* Nylon protective cover

Data sheet

130 x 90 x 80 mm
1 year

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