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Ogio Cart bag Aquatech LITE black red

The cart bag Aquatech Lite is both waterproof and lightweight!

It has 15 compartments including one for the putter and 4 storage pockets.


* 15 compartments for separate clubs including one for the putter (compatible big grip) all pockets remain accessible once the bag on the cart

* Zip closures heat-welded pockets with small lanyard for easy opening

* 2 integrated handles in the middle and at the bottom of the bag for easy movement

* 4 anti-slip feet (great stability of the bag standing or on the cart)

* umbrella stand incorporated in the pocket

* 1 ring towel holder

* matching rain protection hood

* padded carrying shoulder strap

* the 4 pockets:

1 velvet lined pockets for valuables (keys, cards, gps, ...)

2 pockets on the full height of the bag for clothing (large capacity)

1 front pocket for balls and accessories

Data sheet


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