General terms of sale

These terms of sale are an integral part of our offers and orders.

Placing an order means you accept the general terms of sale.

Terms are always applied accept with written agreement,.


1.1) Our prices are exclusive of tax leaving our warehouses.

1.2) Our goods are invoiced according to our effective price list , the day of the shipment.

1.3) Our prices are likely to change according to economic changings, in particular, the foreign currencies variation.


2.1) Free carriage for orders over 290 €

2.2) A fixed freight charge price of 14,50 €excl. tax is charged for orders less than 290 €excl. tax (excluding Snag and U.S. Kids).The Snag and U.S. Kids orders are treated separately and shipped directly from Germany, a fixed freight cost of 16 € will be charged by parcel.

2.3) The delivery responsability of the goods are handle by the receiver.

2.4) Return of goods : If the goods are not in accordance with the order, they will not be taken back.

2.5) No return will be taken back without our prior acceptation

2.6) All the credit note made, will be 20% underestimated to offset the depreciation of plant, falls and reconditionning.


3.1) The retailer keeps the property of the goods sold until the complete payment is done (even if a payment extention is granted)

3.2) The risk especially the lost and the deterioration of the sold goods and also the damages caused are handle by the buyer as from the delivery, he will have to suscribe an insurance to serve as a guarantee.

3.3) For lack of payment of any term, the sale will be solved by rights, without any judicial formality, if good seem to the seller, on simple formal demand sent by ineffective half-witted registered letter.

3.4) The buyer makes a commitment to send back immediately the goods at his expenses.

3.5) Of express agreement between the parts, our company can assert to right the rights that it holds in conformance with the present clause of property reserve, on the totality of goods of the same species and the same quality in possession of the customer in the hypothesis or it would have delivered the fungible things, which being formally presumed to be the ones unpaid. Our company can take back as such or claim said goods in compensation of all its unpaid invoices, without prejudicing its right of resolution of the current sales.

3.6) The deposits will be kept by the seller as penalty clause.

3.7) The buyer cannot in any case pawn or transfer the property of the goods as guarantee

3.8) The buyer cannot resell the goods, for the only needs for his activity and within the framework of the normal exploitation of his company:

  • That by informing his customer of the clause of property reserve pressing on these goods and of the right that saves himself the seller to claim between(in) his/her hands either the goods, or the sale price by virtue of the article L621-24 of the Commercial law, without it can loosen the buyer of his obligation to the seller, in particular in case the sub-buyer would take refuge behind the absence of this information to escape in the claiming of the seller
  • That with cash payment of the price, which will be paid in the hands of the seller, from the resale, the corresponding sums being right now provided for the benefit of the seller, according to the article 2071 of the Civil code, the buyer becoming simple agent of the price.The buyer makes a commit- ment to communicate to the seller, to the first request, any documents relative to the resale of the goods (forms of order, delivery, charge) to allow him to assert to right its rights
  • In case of change in the legal or financial situation of the buyer, our company(society) reserves the right to require complementary guarantees, what accepts expressly the buyer.


The Commercial court of Paris is the only one competent.


5.1) Before setting up an account, payment will have to be made in advance for 1st order

5.2) After acceptance of the new account opening, our goods are payable in 30 days terms either by check, or by not accepted draft.

5.3) In case of delay in payment when due concerned the invoice, late charges will be calculated on the basis of the current legal interest rate.

5.4) No discount will be accepted for advance payment.


6.1) Boston Golf offers you a guarantee of 1 year on all the equipment.This guarantee applies exclusively in the case of a normal use and on production of the invoice. We remind you that in case of prob- lem, you will always should rather act as quickly as possible.

6.2) Any article not in compliance with its description or with your wishes can be exchanged within 7 days. It must be sent back to Boston Golf at your own expenses in its original packaging. If the error comes from Boston golf, the expenses of return will be taken care by Boston Golf.

6.3) Any goods arriving at our warehouse unprotected and damaged will be refused.