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Keep your shoe cleats clean while you walk! The Rovic® Shoe Brush clips on easily to the standard wheel strut of the RV1C for easy shoe cleaning. Attaches to the LEFT hand rear wheel strut. Fits Rovic Model RV1C & RV1S only. ... Learn more

Avoid hot shots on the course ! The Rovic® Cooler Bag allows for easy cold drink and snack storage on the course with your Rovic Cart. Fits Rovic® RV1C & RV1S Push Cart only. ... Learn more

The Rovic® RV1C / RV1S Seat is great for a quick rest while on the course. This accessory fits all Rovic Model RV1C / RV1S Push Carts only. ... Learn more

Protect your trunk !  The Rovic® Wheel Cover helps you keep your trunk clean. It’s great for off-season storage, or keeping the back of your vehicle clean between games. The Wheel Cover fits the Model RV1C & RV1S push cart only. ... Learn more