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List of products by brand Rovic

Avoid hot shots on the course ! The Rovic® Cooler Bag allows for easy cold drink and snack storage on the course with your Rovic Cart. Fits Rovic® RV1C & RV1S Push Cart only. ... Learn more

The Rovic® RV1C / RV1S Seat is great for a quick rest while on the course. This accessory fits all Rovic Model RV1C / RV1S Push Carts only. ... Learn more

Protect your trunk !  The Rovic® Wheel Cover helps you keep your trunk clean. It’s great for off-season storage, or keeping the back of your vehicle clean between games. The Wheel Cover fits the Model RV1C & RV1S push cart only. ... Learn more

The perfect umbrella for your Rovic trolley. Compatible with all Rovic and Clicgear trolleys. ... Learn more

A robust 3-wheeled Junior trolley to push! The RV3J trolley benefits from Clicgear quality. Its incomparable design, its easy folding, its 3 large wheels of very high quality and wide wheelbase, make it a unique trolley facing the many products currently on the market. Available in 2 colors. ... Learn more

Keep your shoe cleats clean while you walk! The Rovic® Shoe Brush clips on easily to the standard wheel strut of the RV1C for easy shoe cleaning. Attaches to the LEFT hand rear wheel strut. Fits Rovic Model RV1C & RV1S only. ... Learn more

Increase maneuverability thanks to its 360 ° swivel wheel Constructed around the same frame and functionality as the RV1C, the RV1S is distinguished by its swivel front wheel that provides proven stability and unmatched maneuverability. Available in 3 colors. ... Learn more

RV2L Lite : the new manuel trolley of Rovic! The new Rovic® RV2L is a very lightweight golf trolley with only 6.7 kg. It's quick and simple to use with one action folding and unfolding, by using a cleverly designed pull handle lever with adjustable handle height.  ... Learn more

THE MOST COMPACT AND THE MOST VERSATILE TROLLEY IN THE RANGE. This Rovic RV1C by Clicgear is designed for golfers of all levels. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, this sleek Rovic RV1C is incredibly compact, lightweight, streamlined and easy to move on any terrain. Available in 5 colors. ... Learn more