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The last expected model of Clicgear, the 4.0! The improvements for this trolley are : new umbrella tube strap, new Lid Lock, new scorecard holder + pencil holder, new silicone strap, new saddles and front wheel adjust. ... Learn more

The ultra-thin new generation trolley! Ultra compact the folded Slite is only 20 cm high. Available in 5 colors. Cover and umbrella stand included. ... Learn more

Increase maneuverability thanks to its 360 ° swivel wheel Constructed around the same frame and functionality as the RV1C, the RV1S is distinguished by its swivel front wheel that provides proven stability and unmatched maneuverability. Available in 3 colors. ... Learn more

THE MOST COMPACT AND THE MOST VERSATILE TROLLEY IN THE RANGE. This Rovic RV1C by Clicgear is designed for golfers of all levels. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, this sleek Rovic RV1C is incredibly compact, lightweight, streamlined and easy to move on any terrain. Available in 5 colors. ... Learn more

RV2L Lite : the new manuel trolley of Rovic! The new Rovic® RV2L is a very lightweight golf trolley with only 6.7 kg. It's quick and simple to use with one action folding and unfolding, by using a cleverly designed pull handle lever with adjustable handle height.  ... Learn more

The handy and ultra compact manual trolley! Make a comfortable golf game with all your accessories at your fingertips. The CUBE 3 trolley has a storage box, bottle holder, dashboard holder and a ball holder. Available in 5 colors ... Learn more

Surely one of the best manual trolleys in the world! Available in 7 colors. ... Learn more

Kit of 3 wheels fo cart Clicgear. This kit of 3 wheels CLICGEAR can dress up your cart from model 1.0 to 3.5+, choosing the color  in order to fit your wheels with your cart. ... Learn more

The Clicgear® Seat is great for a quick rest while on the course. This accessory fits all Clicgear Model 1.0, Model 2.0, Model 3.0 and Model 3.5 Plus Carts. ... Learn more

The Rovic® RV1C / RV1S Seat is great for a quick rest while on the course. This accessory fits all Rovic Model RV1C / RV1S Push Carts only. ... Learn more

Manual golf cart with 2 folding wheels. ... Learn more

Avoid hot shots on the course ! The Clicgear® Cooler Bag allows for easy cold drink and snack storage on the course with your Clicgear Cart. Fits only Clicgear® Model 1.0, Model 2.0, Model 3.0 Carts and Model 3.5 Plus Carts ... Learn more