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The handy and ultra compact manual trolley! Make a comfortable golf game with all your accessories at your fingertips. The CUBE 3 trolley has a storage box, bottle holder, dashboard holder and a ball holder. Available in 5 colors ... Learn more

Surely one of the best manual trolleys in the world! Available in 7 colors. ... Learn more

Kit of 3 wheels fo cart Clicgear. This kit of 3 wheels CLICGEAR can dress up your cart from model 1.0 to 3.5+, choosing the color  in order to fit your wheels with your cart. ... Learn more

The Rovic® RV1C / RV1S Seat is great for a quick rest while on the course. This accessory fits all Rovic Model RV1C / RV1S Push Carts only. ... Learn more

The Clicgear® Seat is great for a quick rest while on the course. This accessory fits all Clicgear Model 1.0, Model 2.0, Model 3.0 and Model 3.5 Plus Carts. ... Learn more

Manual golf cart with 2 folding wheels. ... Learn more

The perfect umbrella for your Clicgear trolley. Compatible with all Clicgear trolleys. ... Learn more

The Clicgear® carry bag protects your cart when you travel. This accessory is suitable for all Clicgear Model 8.0 trolleys ... Learn more

Complete swivel system without cable. ... Learn more

Protect your clubs while travelling! ... Learn more

Tray sold without lid. ... Learn more

Give more storage to your Clicgear ! This accessory fits only Clicgear Model 8.0 Carts. ... Learn more