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The most popular grip in the world. With a wider lower hand for more power and a moderate surface texture, the Tour Velvet Plus4 is the new standard in touch and performance. The most used grip by club manufacturers. Very resistant, it supports rainy weather perfectly. These grips can be played without glove and can be mounted on all types of handles, both on woods than on irons, steel handle or graphite handle. Standard version. Man model. ... Learn more

With the CP2, control fits in the palm of your hand! Combining high-performance technology with a soft, tacky feel, the innovative CP2 Wrap® and CP2 Pro® delivers comfort and control for superior performance.  Available in Standard, Midsize or Jumbo. Colour : black/blue. ... Learn more

Grab some confidence with a golf grip that is as bold in colour as it is in performance. Golf Pride Niion incorporates a 3D hexagonal design in key gripping areas. Niion is Golf Pride’s most advanced design yet, and provides added stability, increased durability, and enhanced shot feedback.  Golf Pride Niion™ takes high performance golf grips to another level. Available colors: white, yellow or green ... Learn more

The Tour Velvet® 360 is designed for adjustable drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid clubs. It features the popular look and feel of the Tour Velvet non-slip surface pattern in a 360-degree design. This grip features double-dash rings on both ends that allow for a consistent appearance regardless of shaft orientation or adjustments. ... Learn more