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Pick up the balls without stooping through this tube picks up ball. Durable and lightweight the tube picks up balls can hold up to 21 balls. ... Learn more

The Boston Golf Towel offers a 3-ply design for easy storage! Unfolded the towel measures 50 cm by 25 cm. With its hook you can attach it to your cart easily. An indispensable accessory! ... Learn more

The stokes and putts score counter from Longridge is an effective tool for counting your performance on the course. Very practical, it fits easily in a pocket or attaches to your golf bag. This meter differs from the others by its two counters one for approaches shots one for the classic shots. ... Learn more

The Longridge bead counter is an effective tool for counting your performance on the course. With each move, slide a ball along the string to total your score without forgetting it. ... Learn more

Convenient to recover inaccessible balls The Longridge ball retriever t is lightweight and strong. With a total length of 2.70 m the head is made of plastic and the handle of the metal landing net. ... Learn more

Do not lower yourself anymore! Use the sucker picks up balls. This rubber ball pick is suitable for most putter grips. Easy to install and use! ... Learn more

The Longridge putting cup is an ideal training aid to improve your putting technique. The base is durable metal that is covered with green felt. Ideal for training at home or at the office. ... Learn more

The ultimate ball pick up !! Easy to install on your club, this ball pickup folds when you're not using it. Its ingenious design allows it to be more compact than other ball picks. ... Learn more

As part of the official Colin Montgomerie golf range, the Micro Ball Retriever enables you to rescue balls from otherwise unreachable locations, yet being able fold down to a compact, portable size. ... Learn more

The Longridge Alignment Kit allows you to mark your ball for easy identification. Marking can also be a help for alignment and trajectories This kit also includes a Sharpie mini permanent marker ... Learn more

Replacement carabiner ... Learn more

A perfect accessory for any golfer! This golf ball marker comes with a cap clip that attaches easily to your pocket or belt so that the marker is always at hand. The clip unit contains a magnet to hold the marker securely while ensuring it can be easily detached and used when required.  ... Learn more