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List of products by brand EyeLine Golf


3 small rings to train and improve! Training ring putting and chipping, to work the distance but also the points of fall. ... Learn more

Target EYELINE Golf yellow color 1 meter Practice putting and chipping, to work the distance but also the points of fall. ... Learn more

Hole reducer helping you to have the right combination of strength and precision. ... Learn more

Eyeline Golf training mirror. Thanks to its convex shape, this mirror will allow you to analyze your movements from head to toe while keeping your eyes on the ball. ... Learn more

Get the Sweet spot! Great players hit it! Practicing with the sweet spot will help you to learn whether you're hitting the top, bottom, toe or heel on your missed putts. Most players have a consistent pattern of how they miss putts. Once the Sweet Spot 360 helps you to identify your miss, you are on the way to becoming a better putter." ... Learn more

Forget the confusing terminology about your swing.    Simply trace the laser dot on the path stripe going back, going up, and returning the club through impact and follow through.    If the dot is on the stripe, you are in great positions! ... Learn more

5 alignment aids in 1! The Tee Box vividly shows: • Target Line • Parallel lines above and below the ball • Intermediate target • Swing Path targets • Shot shape targets ... Learn more

Training plate for different golf shots. Improve your shots with the Eyeline Golf Speedtrap. ... Learn more

The starting line of a putt depends on your speed and your pause time in the putt. Change the speed, it changes the break, and it changes the starting line. The new Path Gate helps you identify speed options, the path that the ball must roll and a definite goal for the starting line. If you have fun practicing, you will practice more. The doors of the trail are "FUN in volt green"! For right and left handed players. The standard set includes: * 4 "gate * 8 "gate * 12 "gate * Carry bag ... Learn more

Perfect your game with the Eyeline Golf alignment mirror !! ... Learn more

Training balls, ideal for practice putting. ... Learn more