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Perfect your game with the Eyeline Golf alignment mirror !! ... Learn more

Training balls, ideal for practice putting. ... Learn more

Practice balls, ideal for practice putting. ... Learn more


Hole reducer helping you to have the right combination of strength and precision. ... Learn more

The Longridge Deluxe Training Mat is ideal for golfers who want to train alone or with friends, at home or in the office. ... Learn more

The key to great putting is practice. PuttOUT is a revolutionary new pressure putt training device that has a scientifically shaped target that is designed to return good putts and reject bad ones. Available in transparent. ... Learn more

Practice your putting anywhere! Dramatically improve your putting with the PuttOUT Deluxe putting mat. This highly durable putting mat has a heavy duty rubber backing that rolls flat on most surfaces so you can practice your putting anywhere.  Available in grey. ... Learn more

Line up your shots! Made with a three-layer design, the PuttOUT Putting Mirror has a glossy, anti-scratch surface printed with simple markings and guidelines. Beneath the reflective outer sits a solid steel inner, used to prevent warping, bending and breakage, but also to hold in place the adjustable magnetic alignment guides included. Surrounding the layers is a durable rubber casing, complete with spiked teeth on the underside to hold the mirror in place whether in your home putting setup or on the practice green, itself. ... Learn more

The unique shape of the  P2I Putt Path allows a perfect gesture throughout the putting stroke. It can be used on the practice green, at home or in the office. Players can use their own putters. The pack includes guides to even out stroke length. Material: 100% PVC. Packed in colorbox. Color : Black/red. ... Learn more

P2I Practice Cup Fits in normall sized cups. Helps players improve the accuracy of their line and speed on putts of all lengths. Small hole opening makes real holes appear larger once on the course. Perfect target for practicing at home or office. Material: 100% ABS. Packed in polybag with headercard. Colour : black ... Learn more

The starting line of a putt depends on your speed and your pause time in the putt. Change the speed, it changes the break, and it changes the starting line. The new Path Gate helps you identify speed options, the path that the ball must roll and a definite goal for the starting line. If you have fun practicing, you will practice more. The doors of the trail are "FUN in volt green"! For right and left handed players. The standard set includes: * 4 "gate * 8 "gate * 12 "gate * Carry bag ... Learn more