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Convenient in cold weather Longride mittens are warm and comfortable. Lined in fleece mittens are waterproof and protects you during the winter. Designed with a hook Mittens can hang on your cart !! ... Learn more

Keep your hands warm! Clicgear mittens are suitable for Clicgear Model 1.0, Model 2.0, Model 3.0, Model 3.5 Plus and Rovic trolleys. ... Learn more

Box of 20 bags hand warmers. Each sachet includes 2 hand warmers, providing up to 8h of heat. Odorless and safe hand warmers are for single use only. The counter display contains 20 hand warmers, offering up to 8 warmth. In each bag there are 2 hand warmers whose use is simple, safe and odorless. ... Learn more