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Unmistakable feel and all-weather performance!!! The unmistakable feel and all-weather performance of the popular SONAR grip is now available in a new wrap-style model. ... Learn more

The award-winning Super Stroke grips are now available in semi-cord grips for irons. Available in 4 colors: * Red and white * blue and white * green and white * black and white ... Learn more

Change of grip, change of game! Grip of putter. Tour 2.0 available in: * white / red / gray * black / white * black / blue / white * digi camo ... Learn more

Enhanced torsion control and consistent feel in all weather conditions! For the more serious golfer looking for a simple high performance grip delivering utmost performance and playability the Sonar Tour traditionally tapered design features Lamkin proprietary tacky Genesis Material in a slightly firmer durometer and Fingerprint Technology for enhanced torsion control and consistent feel in all weather conditions. ... Learn more