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The award-winning Super Stroke grips are now available in semi-cord grips for irons. Available in 4 colors: * Red and white * blue and white * green and white * black and white ... Learn more

Better placement of hands for better results. MCC grip with patented Align technology for better hand placement and smoothness. MCC ™ (New Decade® MultiCompound) is an innovative hybrid grip that combines the performance of rubber with that of cotton. The MCC features a roped brushed cotton upper part for firm control in all weather conditions and a rubber material in the lower part for optimal feel and responsiveness. Hybrid grip. Cord version - Standard - Align. Man model. Available in red. ... Learn more

The new innovative grip of French creation! Optimizes comfort, grip and control. Standard Size: Inner diameter 60 / weight 50g +/- 2g ... Learn more

TOUR-PREFERRED PRECISION & FEEL. Modern, standard-size shapes engineered with firmer material help enhance feedback & control. 70% of the Top 30 putters on Tour choose standard size putter grips. Red 72 cc: weight 74.5 gr Blue 81 cc: weight 73.5 gr Green 88 cc: weight 88 gr ... Learn more

Promote consistent hand placement and greater control of the club! For golfers with higher swing speeds seeking a high-performance grip to enhance shot-making from tee-to-green, Sonar+ Tour Calibrate features reminder technology to promote consistent hand placement and greater control of the club to better square the face at impact. It is purposefully engineered with Lamkin’s proprietary tacky Genesis Material in a slightly firmer durometer, and Fingerprint Technology. ... Learn more

Excellent all-around performance in a smoother, tackier, and more tactile feel! Perfect for players seeking a grip that provides excellent all-around performance in a smoother, tackier, and more tactile feel, the ST+ 2 Hybrid Calibrate features a variety of breakthrough technologies designed to provide maximum  playability  and  performance.  While  the  Calibrate Technology reminder encourages consistent hand placement for better control, the all new “Smooth Tack” Genesis Material incorporated into two distinct zones to provide more traction in the upper hand and soft tactile feel in the lower for incredible performance. ... Learn more