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The Tour Wrap is now available with NEW MicroSuede Technology, a proprietary brushed surface finish that delivers soft feel and added traction. Jumbo version ... Learn more

Better placement of hands for better results. MCC grip with patented Align technology for better hand placement and smoothness. MCC ™ (New Decade® MultiCompound) is an innovative hybrid grip that combines the performance of rubber with that of cotton. The MCC features a roped brushed cotton upper part for firm control in all weather conditions and a rubber material in the lower part for optimal feel and responsiveness. Hybrid grip. Cord version - Standard - Align. Man model. Available in red. ... Learn more

The most popular grip in the world. With a wider lower hand for more power and a moderate surface texture, the Tour Velvet Plus4 is the new standard in touch and performance. The most used grip by club manufacturers. Very resistant, it supports rainy weather perfectly. These grips can be played without glove and can be mounted on all types of handles, both on woods than on irons, steel handle or graphite handle. Standard version. Man model. ... Learn more

CPX, Soft grip for hard game CPX: Comfort Performance Extreme, the softest grips Golf Pride has developed. ... Learn more