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RV2L Lite : the new manuel trolley of Rovic! The new Rovic® RV2L is a very lightweight golf trolley with only 6.7 kg. It's quick and simple to use with one action folding and unfolding, by using a cleverly designed pull handle lever with adjustable handle height.  ... Learn more

The Rovic® RV1C / RV1S Seat is great for a quick rest while on the course. This accessory fits all Rovic Model RV1C / RV1S Push Carts only. ... Learn more

Avoid hot shots on the course ! The Rovic® Cooler Bag allows for easy cold drink and snack storage on the course with your Rovic Cart. Fits Rovic® RV1C & RV1S Push Cart only. ... Learn more

Complete swivel system without cable. ... Learn more

Tray sold without lid. ... Learn more

Brake cable for RV1S only. ... Learn more

Tray lid sold without console, for RV1S. ... Learn more

Complete cable for RV1C only ... Learn more

Tray lid without console. ... Learn more ... Learn more

Sold without spring nor shaft, only for RV1S. ... Learn more

Only for V2 (not V3) Sold individually for mounting on a upper support only. ... Learn more