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List of products by brand Infinity

Ideal for the golfer who wants to protect himself from the rain. This umbrella holder is specific for Infinity golf trolley. ... Learn more

Essential accessory! The scorecard holder is compatible with all Infinity trolleys. ... Learn more

For trolleys Pro Tour eqquiped with a 200W motor. ... Learn more

A very useful accessory !! The Infinity GPS door is compatible with all Infinity trolleys. ... Learn more

Protect your vehicle! Perfectly adapted to the Infinity trolley, this transport bag is the size of your trolley. It avoids dirtying your car boot when you return from your golf course. Protect your Infinity golf cart with this perfectly sized carrying case. No risk of misleading, this carrying case is compatible with the full range of Infinity golf carts. ... Learn more

Compact drink holder and very practical! The Infinity drink holder is simply attached to your infinity cart. It allows to put a bottle of 50cl, or a gourd cyclist or a can. ... Learn more

PowerBug 2012 ECU to suit PowerBug trolleys with VRAP distance control. Four connecting cables: Power Cable Motor Cable Handle Cable VRAP Gearbox Cable ... Learn more

PowerBug Complete Front Wheel Assembly to suit all models except the GTX1 trolley. ... Learn more

This handle will suit any digital PowerBug with a 2010 onwards digital display with orange numbers from 1-9 and rubber handle grip. PROTOUR HANDLE FOR TROLLEY WITHOUT ON / OFF BUTTON ... Learn more

PowerBug High Traction Wheel to suit all electric PowerBug golf trolleys from 2006 onwards. TWO WHEELS MUST BE REPLACED IF THEY ARE THE OLD MODELS ... Learn more

Infinty Pro-Tour trolley equipped with the Infinity lithium mini-battery. The Infinity Trolley is the historic trolley of the Infinity range. A classic in its class, recognized and approved on the golf cart market for over 13 years. Equipped with a Lithium Ion micro-battery, it benefits from the function of remote shutdown VRAP. The Infinity is undeniably a model of quality and reliability. Umbrella holder and card holder included. ... Learn more