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Lamkin grip Z5 midsize - man -25%

Incredible grip and feel with the Z5 grip! The Lamkin Z5 Grip features 5 distinct grip zones that help promote good hand placement and offer incredible grip and feel. The multi-compound material offers optimal grip in all weather conditions, making it an ideal grip for all players. Midsize version Man model ... Learn more

The new grip soft and incredibly durable! An ultra-comfortable alternative to polyurethane grips, the Comfort PLUS is made of a proprietary rubber compound that is both appealingly soft and incredibly durable. The grip features a reduced-taper profile with a larger lower hand to encourage the ideal light-pressure grip. Lamkin’s proprietary FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY provides a shallow micro-texture for comfortable traction. ... Learn more

For both aspiring and accomplished players seeking groundbreaking technology in all aspects of their equipment, the original Sonar blends Lamkin’s micro-texture Fingerprint Technology with super-tacky Genesis Material and reduced taper shape to promote lighter grip tension for a more fluid and consistent swing in any weather. ... Learn more