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EYELINE Total stroke putting system by Jon & Jim Mclean

The Total Stroke is a template to help you notice if your stroke and face angle are on path. With regular practice you will easily be able to feel and visualise this pattern, even if it is not in front of you.

The Total Stroke will shape your stroke to make you a pressure-proof putter.  The 2 pieces snap together to make it lay flat – never worry about the Total Stroke rolling up and disturbing your practice.  Insert tees into the path slots to create a path that fits your putter width.  Make it easy or hard to fit your goals.  Use the included indoor pegs to make the Total Stroke your trainer when the putting green is not a possibility.


Step 1:  Aim your Total Stroke – Using the “Aim” arrows, align your Total Stroke to your target.

Step 2:  Make strokes on the Total Stroke.  Match the putter face to the lines on the path.

Step 3:  Create the Path Gates:  Set up the path gates using the slots on the toe and heel side of the Total Stroke.  The tees should be placed wide enough for you to swing your putter head through.  You can make these slots wider or more narrow based on your ability.  If your putter stays on path you will not contact the tees.  If your stroke veers off path you’ll bump into a tee (Indoor- use the included posts).

Step 4:  Set up the “Ball Gate” – You can place tees inside the small circles on the end of the Total Stroke as a “ball gate”.  A good stroke will roll your ball between the tees. Or you can use the larger holes to place golf balls as the gate, this creates an incredible visual (also a great option for indoor use).

Step 5:  Place your ball just in front on the “aim” arrows and begin putting.

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