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Convenient to recover inaccessible balls The Longridge ball retriever is lightweight and strong. With a total length of 4.50 m the head and the handle of the landing net are made of metal. ... Learn more

Improve your balance, your pace and your power. The alignment bars come with an instruction booklet that contains several hands-on exercises to help you develop your skills. ... Learn more

When winter is well settled nothing better than these tees! Consists of 4 tees of 4 different heights (11mm, 12mm, 33mm, 44mm). ... Learn more

The new Lignum Ecoline tees bring flexibility, stability, durability and Ecology! The anti Spin Head, the special ring system, the microwood, meet the requirements of sustainability and environmental awareness. The new packaging is biodegradable and reflects our commitment to design and ecological materials. Available in 3 sizes: 38mm / 72mm / 82mm White colour ... Learn more

Lignum tees offer a system of adjustment allowing to perfectly adjust its height according to your blow and your golf club. Made in microwood, Lignum tees are biodegradable and offer a very good shelf life. Available in 2 colors and 4 sizes. Sold in bags of 12 Tees. ... Learn more

Boston Golf SX RANGE Adult Irons  Available in 2 colors: Red (men's model) and Aqua (women's model) For right-handed and left-handed. ... Learn more

Bamboo is one of the most rapidly renewing resources for golf tees in the world. Pride Bamboo Golf Tees offer an economical choice for an eco-friendly way to tee it up. ... Learn more

The double canopy Longridge umbrella offers full protection against wind and rain. With a wingspan of 152 cm (60 ") this umbrella will keep you dry even in extreme weather conditions. Combining fiberglass handle and rubber handle, the Longridge umbrella is built to last. Available in 6 colors: Black, Navy Blue, Navy / White, Black / White, Green / White, Blue / White. ... Learn more

The retractable pitch fork is an essential accessory, whether you are a beginner or a confirmed player. It allows to simply lift the hole or the impact formed by the ball when it arrives on the green. ... Learn more